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Pakistan Salt Factory

We manufacture & export Himalayan salt products extracted from khewra mines to importers, wholesellers, vendors, retail markets worldwide.

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About US

Pakistan Salt Factory Manufacturers & Worldwide Exporters of Himalayan Salt Lamps, Salt Candle Holders, salt , Bath Salt, Animal Salt, Salt Spa Products, Salt Tiles/Slabs Inhalers and lots of other Himalayan Salt products in Pakistan. Why pay more once you can purchase direct from “Manufacturer”. We have been involved within the production of Salt products since 1995. Our Salt Products are made with many years mariner crystals, mined from the Himalayan Mountains salt range in Pakistan Known for its ability to ionize the air, thus enhancing our well-being and improving health. The greatest advantages of our products are top quality and broad selection of salt Product’s models. We attempt to be flexible and suits our clients’ needs we cooperate with all quite customers. We deal directly with the Himalayan mines and theses the reason we directly emphasis the quality and reasonable prices. We manage from mines to customer with one window operation.
We are ISO and HACCP Certified Company so we’ve very strict quality assurance processes and exercise every effort to satisfy and even exceed customer expectations by providing products of unmatched superior quality. We are against Child Labor and inspiring female working while making job opportunities for them as Salt Packers.
Pakistan Salt Factory team have its closed corporation so we keep all of our customers as our relations.
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Why choose us?

we are direct miners of salt and manufacturures of salt products.
we focus on quality products & easy order processing.
we help businesses grow with us as we believe in relationship before business

Process/How it Works

We craft our products in factory and and it is refined to the purest quality.


Salt is first extracted from himalayan range in khewra.


After bringing to our factory it is washed.


Then it is crafted into small pieces.

Moulded in shape

Moreover, it is given a required shape.

Installing wire

For lamps, a wire and base is installed.


Fine finishing is achieved by hands.


Your Order is then packed and ready for delivery.


Furthermore, Packed parcel is loaded on containers.


Shipped to destination country for 40-60 days.


Shipment is received by the customer and confirmed.

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